Six Reasons to Choose
Audiological Services

#1 – Trusted by Thousands of Local People

Having helped thousands of local people since 1995, we have the pleasure of being trusted and relied upon by families across Lufkin.

Nothing brings us more joy than reconnecting families through better hearing, and it’s an honor to have helped so many local families.

#2 – Defining Industry Best Practices

Some clinics follow best practices; our objective is always to define them by continually investing in the latest hearing testing equipment and being at the forefront of industry developments and trainings.

We have built a reputation among the hearing care industry for pushing the bar and setting a standard that many others follow.

#3 – Voted Best Place to Buy Hearing Aids for Nine Consecutive Years

Although “place to buy hearing aids” is not a title we love – it’s a pleasure to be recognized for all of our efforts and win multiple awards over the years!

#4 – A Team of Nine Local Specialists

With a team of nine specialists, including two doctors of audiology and a hearing aid dispenser, you can be assured that you’ll be working with an array of experts that have seen and found solutions to nearly every possible hearing challenge.

#5 – Trusted by Local Physicians

There’s no greater pleasure than being trusted by Lufkin’s most trusted and respected physicians and medical providers.

#6 – Partner with All Major Manufacturers

Although many hearing care clinics solely work with one manufacturer, we believe it’s incredibly important to partner with all major manufacturers.

This ensures that we’re not limited to the solutions for a patient, and we can ensure we find the perfect hearing solution for their unique needs, circumstances, and budget.

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