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Lufkin, TX based Lori Feldpausch's hearing success story


“I was relieved that she [Sally] and her team could help me, and they did.”

Lori was fitted with hearing aids when she was two years old. However, she continued to struggle with her hearing throughout her life.

Although she didn’t have any major concerns prior to visiting Audiological Services, she still had plenty of hope that her hearing issues could be resolved. Lori says, “I had hoped they could fit me with a hearing aid so that I could hear like normal people hear.”

Lori has been a patient at Audiological Services for a long time and is thankful for the fantastic care she’s received. She says, “It was many years ago when Sally first opened her office. I was relieved that she and her team could help me, and they did. Now I can say I hear things I didn’t hear before with a better hearing aid.”

Giving Audiological Services an 8/10 rating, Lori adds, “I’ve seen other hearing services in Houston and in Dallas in the past. I’m happy to find someone local and does all that the city could do.”

Lori Feldpausch

Lufkin, TX based Ray Baxter's hearing success story


“You won’t be disappointed!”

Ray’s hearing aids were letting him down and this was putting a damper on his social life. He recalls he was “no longer engaging with people at family gatherings or other get togethers.”

Prior to visiting Audiological Services, Ray didn’t have any particular concerns. “I had already been evaluated by the VA & fit for hearing aids before,” he says. So, he pretty much knew what to expect.

However, his first appointment exceeded his expectations. He says he was “very impressed with the professionalism and friendliness of all of the staff.”

At his appointment, Ray’s hearing was thoroughly assessed, and new hearing aids were prescribed according to his individual hearing needs.

Ray’s new devices have proven to be a great success. He says they allow him “to become part of the conversations around me.”

Giving Audiological Services a 10/10 rating, he encourages others to give them a try. “Go for it!” he says. “You won’t be disappointed!”

Ray Baxter

Lufkin, TX based Clifton Clonts' hearing success story


“Very professional and helpful.”

Clifton became aware of his hearing loss while at work. He recalls, “I was having trouble hearing customers. I needed to have good hearing to be able to analyze the problem with customers’ phones.”

Knowing that he couldn’t carry on working this way, Clifton decided to visit Audiological Services. He says, “I just wanted honest answers and to correct my hearing problem.”

Clifton found everyone at Audiological Services “very professional and helpful” and he is happy with his new hearing aids. He says his new devices “made me able to hear and appreciate sounds that I thought I could not hear again.”

Giving Audiological Services an 8/10 rating, Clifton recommends that others “call and get an honest answer to questions with no pressure.”

Clifton Clonts

Lufkin, TX based John McHugh's hearing success story


“A friendly and caring experience.”

John has a meaningful story to share. A story that is all too common for thousands of military personnel but is often overlooked or simply forgotten by others.

Hearing loss is actually quite common for those men and women who have devoted their lives to the military. Long-term exposure to machinery, gunfire, and explosives can damage the ears, with hearing loss and tinnitus common among active-duty personnel and veterans alike.

John’s been there and done that. But with determination and perseverance, he’s come out on the other side and thrived.

John recalls, “I was in the Army for 26 years. Hearing loss was almost an expectation. We were required to take annual hearing exams. The last 15 years of my service I already had written proof of the decline in my hearing. I was an Armor Soldier, so heavy weapons, tanks, and loud noise were the norm. Being deployed to combat areas, I was exposed to even more explosions and loud noise.

“About 10 years prior to my retirement, the audiology section recommended that I reclassify in a different job to avoid loud noises,” he says. “I had been living with hearing loss and constant ringing tones in my ears for so long, I did not notice how bad it had gotten, or didn’t know what I was missing.

“Finally, at around 5 years prior to my retirement, the audiologist wrote an official medical hearing profile, which technically could have made me lose my job. Due to my position and lack of replacements, I remained in service. Finally, about 3 years prior to I was provided with hearing aids. As soon as I put them on and had them adjusted, I was floored by all the sound that I had been ‘not hearing.’”

John’s hearing loss not only affected how he performed his duties but also how he communicated with others. “It was affecting my job in many ways, fear of not hearing critical data over radios, not hearing orders correctly, etc.,” he begins. “My hearing issues also had an effect on my professional speaking and communication. I really didn’t know how loud and clear I was speaking. Sometimes, I would mumble or speak softly when situations required solid communication.”

Thinking back to his pre-hearing aid days, John says, “Originally, I was afraid of the audiological section. I did not want to do the tests because it was embarrassing, and their assessment [the Army’s] could potentially have ended my career.”

However, a visit to Audiological Services was a completely different experience for John. He notes, “Audiological Services was surprising different from the military teams that I had seen in the past. The appointment was timely; the staff received me and quickly began the process. Everyone was professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. I did not feel like I was being judged, etc. I got the feeling that the team was on my side and wanted to help me however they could.”

John is thrilled with the hearing aids Audiological Services recommended, and he now clearly recognizes the difference in his life before hearing aids and after hearing aids. He says, “The hearing aids have definitely improved my life by improving my ability to communicate with people and overall, just hear what is happening in my surroundings.

“It was not just a burden for me, but for my family as well. They would get aggravated by saying things that I didn’t acknowledge or hear, as well as having to repeat themselves more than should be expected.”

John continues, “Hearing aids have definitely made a huge impact on my life. I can hear! That would be the most important thing. But I redeveloped confidence to effectively participate during interactions and communications with others. My wife is happier that she doesn’t have to repeat herself all the time as well.”

Giving Audiological Services a 10/10 rating, he concludes, “I would say that I cannot describe the importance of good hearing. And that if I can continue with Audiological Services, I definitely will. They make it easy, and it isn’t a bad experience. They are professional, know what they are doing, and offer a friendly and caring experience. The equipment used seemed to be top of the line, and I trust the results and I trust them to continue my care.”

John McHugh

Lufkin, TX based James R. Harrison's hearing success story


“Audiological Services can help you hear your best!”

It is often said that the best things in life are free. For James, this couldn’t be closer to the truth.

Recalling how he discovered he had a hearing loss, James said, “I didn’t realize I had a hearing problem until I participated in a free hearing test offered by Audiological Services. I was surprised by the result but then realized I needed help with my hearing.”

Once the news had sunk in, he says, “My biggest concern was simply wearing a hearing aid and how it would look, feel, and cost.” However, he adds, “Audiological Services was great! All staff members are knowledgeable, caring, friendly, and helpful.” James notes he was also impressed with their “first-rate facilities.”

James’s hearing journey can easily be described as an eye-opening experience. “I didn’t know what I was missing,” he says. “Even my family members noticed the difference in my hearing right away. They didn’t have to repeat things as often, we could play the TV volume lower, and I even didn’t talk as loudly as before.”

Furthermore, the technology also impressed James. He continues, “An added bonus … the hearing aids link directly to my Apple smartphone, so sounds from phone calls and mobile apps are crystal clear without bothering others!”

Giving Audiological Services a 10/10 rating, James has these encouraging words to share: “Don’t be concerned about wearing aids. Better hearing is worth it, and they are barely noticeable. Audiological Services can help you hear your best!”

James R. Harrison

Lufkin, TX based Robert Castillo's hearing success story


“Everyone was very friendly.”

Robert has lived with an untreated hearing loss for quite some time. He first became aware that he had a hearing loss about 20 years ago “when my mother-in-law noticed I wasn’t hearing her very well.” He decided to seek treatment when he became concerned about miscommunicating with people.

Robert’s first appointment at Audiological Services was a positive experience. He says, “Everyone was very friendly, and the doctor explained things very well.”

His new hearing aids have vastly improved his life. Robert says, “Hearing aids have improved my confidence and overall well-being immensely.”

Giving Audiological Services a 10/10 rating, Robert advises others, “Don’t wait, get tested and get hearing aids. It’s well worth it and you won’t regret it.”

Robert Castillo

Lufkin, TX based James Hendricks's hearing success story


“Go get checked out.”

For many people, accepting they have a hearing challenge is often an obstacle they must overcome before doing anything about it. Take James, for example.

Despite misunderstanding words, James says he felt like “I don’t need help. I can hear just fine.” However, a comprehensive hearing assessment at Audiological Services soon revealed the truth, prompting James to take further action. “I realized I didn’t hear as good as I thought,” he admits.

With his hearing aids, he finds that he can “hear and understand better.” James gives Audiological Services a 10/10 rating and advises others, “Go get checked out. Your friends and family will appreciate it.”

James Hendricks

Lufkin, TX based John Rawls' hearing success story


“Life altering.”

John was tired. Tired of being told how loud he was by his family. He recalls, “I was constantly being told I was yelling, and when I went into restaurants or movies, I always had to ask what was being said.”

He remembered his grandpa’s hearing aids, and this initially had him concerned about any potential devices he might need to wear. “My grandpa had hearing aids and they were always squeaking and bulky,” John says. And he’s quick to point out, “The ones I wear are barely noticeable and never squeal because of the newer technologies.”

Remembering the initial appointment that led to his new hearing aids, John says the team at Audiological Services was “professional, courteous, and always called me by name.”

John describes his new hearing aids as “life altering.” He explains, “At the initial fitting, I was demonstrated how others hear me. When I got back to my vehicle, I messaged my wife and kids apologizing for always being so loud. Now the TV is quiet in the house, music and my volume of speech, much more harmonious.”

Rating Audiological Services a 9/10, his advice to others is “to go!” John reassuringly adds, “The tests are simple, easy, no fuss, and if hearing loss is significant, with the new technologies available, the sound quality is wonderful, the Bluetooth is awesome. Easier and better than earbuds for phone calls, music, etc. They’re almost invisible and hardly noticeable.”

John Rawls

Lufkin, TX based Doug Barnett's hearing success story


“Everyone made you feel like family.”

Doug first noticed his hearing loss while attending a meeting at work. He recalls, “I was sitting in a meeting with my peers and not being able to hear the conversations was not only embarrassing but also professionally concerning.”

While he knew he had to take action, he says, “The embarrassment of having to wear hearing aids was my largest concern.”

Nevertheless, Doug made an appointment at Audiological Services where he immediately felt welcomed and cared for. “The staff was amazing,” he says. “Everyone made you feel like family.”

Nowadays, work meetings are no longer embarrassing or difficult to follow. Doug’s new hearing aids have benefitted him outside of the office as well. He says, “The ability to hear in meetings, listen to television, and talk on the phone in lower audibles was incredible. No longer having to guess at most conversations and hearing sounds that you had missed was a wonderful experience.”

Doug rates Audiological Services a 10/10 and advises, “Go visit them. You will realize what you have missed, and they will make sure that you are 100% satisfied.”

Doug Barnett


“Very professional and knowledgeable.”

When Barbara settled down with her family for an evening of TV viewing, the last thing she expected was that she’d become the entertainment.

She recalls, “I was with my family during a Thanksgiving weekend, and they were watching a TV show and laughing and having a great time. I couldn’t really hear the show and said something that I thought was appropriate and they all just dissolved in laughter because I was so ‘off the mark’ with my comment. I asked them to turn up the TV and they ALL said it was plenty loud. Since I couldn’t hear the show, I decided to just go to bed.”

This incident proved to be a revelation for Barbara. She adds, “Missing out on that family time convinced me that I needed to do something.”

However, she did have one concern prior to her appointment at Audiological Services. Barbara says she was worried “that the hearing aids would only magnify ALL sounds.” She explains, “My cousin had very expensive hearing aids and would not wear them very often because all they did was increase the sound level of EVERYTHING.”

Nevertheless, Barbara was pleased with her first appointment. She says the team was “very friendly, concerned, and helpful.” She is especially pleased that her new hearing aids are nothing like her cousin’s devices.

“I can teach my Bible study class and interact with everyone better and I can be part of family gatherings and really participate,” says Barbara. “My husband says the hearing aids took a lot of fun out of our times together because I no longer say crazy things that I think are appropriate.”

Barbara rates Audiological Services a 10/10, and her message to potential patients is simple and direct: “GO!”

Barbara Haley


“Very impressed and satisfied.”

Jimmie’s hearing loss became apparent when trying to communicate on the job. He recalls, “I was a realtor and I noticed that when I was driving and was trying to talk to my client that was sitting in the car and could not look at the person when talking, I was having trouble understanding them.”

Following a referral to Audiological Services, Jimmie says he has been “very impressed and satisfied with this office.” He adds, “I had seen this office from the street but had never been in. When I walked in, I was met with people that were friendly and made me feel welcome and comfortable.”

Overall, Jimmie is doing well with his new hearing aids. He says, “They are not like your ears were, but they allow me to talk to people one on one, listen to the TV, and with the correct app, I can enjoy my church services.”

Jimmie enthusiastically recommends Audiological Services, saying, “When they fit you with hearing aids, it will change your life.”

Jimmie Simms


“Very professional and knowledgeable.”

Sarah’s hearing loss was making her life difficult. She recalls, “I couldn’t clearly hear the person next to me talking if there was noise around me.”

Feeling disheartened and stressed about her situation, Sarah made an appointment with Audiological Services to get her hearing assessed. At her first appointment, Sarah says the team was “very professional and knowledgeable,” and following her comprehensive hearing assessment, she was fitted with hearing aids.

Now, life is much brighter for Sarah, and she is delighted with her new devices. She explains, “Well, besides hearing better, it’s less stressful because I’m not struggling to hear!”

Sarah rates Audiological Services a 10/10 and advises everyone, “Go see them!”

Sarah Donald


“Life is much better now.”

Bill’s hearing loss was affecting his daily life and he knew he had to do something about it. He recalls, “I was concerned that I was not hearing everything I should have been to successfully converse with my family and at work.”

Following his initial appointment at Audiological Services, Bill’s worries were put to rest. “I was exceptionally impressed with their friendliness, helpful attitude, and concern for me and my hearing situation,” he says. “They were also very respectful and considerate.”

Based upon Bill’s comprehensive hearing assessment results, he was prescribed hearing aids. The results have been amazing.

“Life is much better now that I have my hearing devices and I can hear much better and much more than before,” Bill explains. “My quality of life is better due to being happier.”

Bill doesn’t hesitate to give Audiological Services a 10/10 rating. When asked what advice he would give to those considering an appointment, he says, “I would say don’t hesitate to contact Audiological Services to schedule an appointment! It could be one of the best decisions one could ever make.”

Bill Stewart


“Go for it!”

When Teddy was struggling with his hearing, he turned to Audiological Services for help. He says his first impressions were “very good” as his audiologist worked to get to the root of his hearing challenges.

Following a comprehensive hearing assessment, Teddy was fitted with hearing aids. His new devices have made life much easier for him, and he says he can “hear better in conversations.”

He rates Audiological Services a 10/10 and encourages prospective patients to “Go for it!”



“You won’t find a better service anywhere.”

When you have a hearing loss, filling in the blanks during conversations or watching TV can become frustrating and tiresome. Wayne knew this all too well.

Upon his first visit to Audiological Services, he says the team was “very professional and knowledgeable.” During his comprehensive assessment, he had the chance to discuss his hearing challenges with his audiologist, have his hearing thoroughly tested, and then consider the best hearing solutions for his unique hearing needs.

Now fitted with hearing aids, Wayne says, “Being able to hear what is being said and not having to guess is great.”

Giving Audiological Services a 10/10 rating, Wayne encourages others, saying, “You won’t find a better service anywhere.”

Wayne Yankie


“They will take care of you.”

Wayne acknowledged he had a hearing loss when he realized he struggled to hear his wife talking to him. According to Wayne, he often asked her, “Huh, what did you say?”

He describes his first visit to Audiological Services as “excellent” and his new devices have improved his communication all around. Wayne notes they’ve “helped in all aspects of hearing my wife and listening to the TV, too.”

Giving Audiological Services a 10/10 rating, Wayne assures anyone considering an appointment, “Don’t worry, they will take care of you.”


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