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Speech and Pure Tone Audiometry

Speech Reception Threshold (SRT) indicates the patient’s degree of hearing loss for speech.  Patients are instructed to repeat spondee words (composed of two syllables pronounced with equal stress and effort) presented in descending levels.  The SRT is defined as the lowest level at which two of three spondees are repeated correctly.

Speech Discrimination Scores (discrim) indicate the patient’s ability to understand speech.  Patients are instructed to repeat phonetically- balanced words (those that contain all the phonetic elements of connected English discourse in their normal proportion to one another) presented at a comfortable listening level.  A percentage of correct words is calculated.

Pure Tone Audiometry determines the type and severity of one’s hearing loss.  Patients are instructed to indicate when they hear pulsed pure tones presented in descending levels from 250-8000 Hz via air and bone conduction.  The pure tone threshold is the lowest level at which two of three responses are given for the same frequency.  Air and bone conduction thresholds should be similar.  If there is an air/bone gap (a difference of 15 decibels or more), further testing or additional procedures are warranted.