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Patient Testimonials


Better hearing makes life better. My hearing aids are small and easy to use. They have very good clear sounds and do not stick out like a sore thumb. I know that the staff at Audiological Services care about their customers. - C.  Day

My hearing aids are easy to put in my ears. The family has noticed that I don’t need to have the TV so loud now! The staff is friendly, available and helpful and I can enjoy what my friends are saying now. - M. Skinner

I don’t know why, but you people are the friendliest, most accommodating people in Lufkin—bar none—Thank you for being so nice to me. I like being able to hear. - O. Canady

I received excellent care in an efficient and friendly atmosphere. My hearing aids allow me to have better hearing and comprehension. - J.  Jasper

My life has changed since I began wearing hearing devices. Hearing my grandchildren for the first time plus being able to go to movies and plays without getting frustrated are the biggest changes. The entire staff is very accommodating. Each person seems to be able to help and explain. - J. Boyd

My wife is very happy I’ve got hearing aids. - K. Sutton

I do not have to say, “Tell me that again” 14 times during a conversation. Now my family says, “Mama, do you have your ears on?” when I say, “Huh?”  -N.  Wade

My hearing aids are small and very easy to work with. Everybody at Audiological Services is very nice—they help me out with everything and answer all of my questions. I can hear things that I never heard before such as cars, people talking, birds singing, bells and much more. - T. Weese

Without my hearing aids, I cannot hear. My life is better now that I can hear and the people at Audiological Services are friendly and willing to help. - L. Leal

My family is excited that my hearing is better and that I can watch movies with them. I don’t hear the tinnitus as much as I did before I got my hearing aids. I like the individual attention that Audiological Services staff gives to each patient and their promptness in all areas of services. Most of all, they are kind and so sweet—all of them!! I am always treated with dignity and respect. My life has changed so much because I can hear people talk to me much better. I love my hearing aids so much and just don’t know how I ever did without them. - M.H. Ray

I received excellent care at Audiological Services—the staff is friendly and professional. I can hear friends, family and business associates better. The increased communication makes me more effective at my job. - J.L. Fatheree

Honesty, integrity and ethics have paid off , not to mention that your line of hearing instruments, your knowledge of programming, fitting and service of hearing aids is exceptional. Your staff is outstanding, and all should be commended. - G. Craig

Everybody was fussing at me about the TV being too loud. I noticed a few other things that made me realize that I couldn’t hear. I am on several committees at church and have been at a loss. Now, with my new hearing aids, I can hear in meetings at church and even in a crowd of people. It’s a different world.   - B. Baye

I had worn two sets of hearing aids before I came to Audiological Services. My new hearing aids are the best I’ve ever had; they are just like natural hearing. Every morning now, I sit on the patio with my coffee and listen to the birds sing. - C. Glover

Thank you to Sally for her patience, expertise and the time she spent with me while I was learning to hear with my new hearing aid—it has certainly made my life better. When my hearing aid was sent for repair, Jacquelyn took care of me and provided excellent maintenance. - D. Bradley