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The Surprising Connection Between Cognitive Decline and Hearing Loss—A Deep Dive by Audiological Services

by | Jun 28, 2023 | Hearing Loss, Patient Resources

As we age, it’s common to experience certain health issues, one of which is hearing loss. What might surprise you, however, is that untreated hearing loss has been directly linked to cognitive decline. This alarming connection is backed by a wealth of scientific studies, prompting a significant cause for concern. 

A groundbreaking study published by CNN Health in December 2022 delved into this correlation, offering valuable insights from the most extensive peer-reviewed study to date. Spearheaded by Brian Sheng Yep Yeo, Harris Jun Jie Muhammad Danial Song, and Emma Min Shuen Toh of JAMA Neurology, the worldwide study spanned 31 sub-studies, which had 137,484 participants and lasted between two and 25 years. 

Two key findings from the study are especially noteworthy: 

  • The usage of hearing aids was associated with a 19 percent reduction in long-term cognitive decline. As noted by Dr. Benjamin Tan, Dean’s Fellow at the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore, “Dementia is far easier to prevent than treat, and exceedingly difficult to reverse.” 
  • Encouragingly, even those who had started with mild cognitive impairment (known as “early dementia”) benefitted from the use of hearing aids, as they had approximately a 20 percent lower risk of progressing to dementia. This suggests that it’s never too late to start using hearing aids, but early treatment may help preserve the most cognition. 

Your Hearing Health Is Paramount 

Given the compelling evidence, regular hearing tests are as important as routine eye exams and dental checkups. A quick, simple, and noninvasive hearing test can shed light on your hearing health, providing vital information to monitor and maintain your hearing capabilities effectively. 

At Audiological Services, we have been delivering advanced, experienced, and results-driven hearing care to the people of Lufkin, TX, for many years. We fully understand the consequences of untreated hearing loss and are committed to delivering tailored solutions for each individual. 

If you or a loved one is concerned about your hearing health and its impact on your cognitive wellbeing, we are here to help.

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Remember, with untreated hearing loss, the risk of cognitive decline only increases.

Don’t delay in prioritizing your hearing health. 

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Leah Guempel Au.D., CCC-A

Dr. Leah Guempel received her Bachelor of Arts in Communication Disorders in 2007 and her doctorate from the University of Texas in 2010. While in graduate school, Dr. Guempel was named outstanding first year graduate student in Audiology and Sertoma outstanding graduate student in Audiology. During graduate school, Dr. Guempel had several clinical rotations she completed throughout Austin including rotations at Dell Children’s Hospital and an ENT practice. Dr. Guempel also had a rotation at Cook Hearing & Balance as a student clinician, and after completing her 4th year rotation there, worked as a Doctor of Audiology in the Austin and Cedar Park locations. Dr. Guempel became the audiologist at the Cook Hearing & Balance office in San Marcos when it opened September of 2011. In December of 2012, Dr. Guempel bought Cook Hearing & Balance in San Marcos and renamed it Central Texas Hearing Center. She then opened the Central Texas Hearing Center in Lakeway, Texas. Most recently she purchased Audiological Services in Lufkin, TX. Dr. Guempel is licensed to practice Audiology in the State of Texas. She is a Fellow of the American Academy (AAA) and holds a certificate of clinical competence in Audiology from the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA). Dr. Guempel has a passion for hearing awareness. She enjoys her field of practice and hopes to inform and educate the community about the importance of early detection and the use of hearing protection. She is dedicated to helping those who suffer from hearing impairment. In her free time, Dr. Guempel enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and anything outdoors.