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How to Select the Right Hearing Aid

by | Mar 26, 2017 | Hearing Aids, Patient Resources, Technology

Selecting the right hearing aid is crucial to not just treating your hearing loss, but also making sure you’re getting the most out of your investment. There are many different types of hearing aids on the market to choose from.

So when you are selecting one, it is wise to consider all of the relevant factors. Here are the most important things to evaluate when you are making your decision.


Different types of hearing aids are designed to have a certain amount of strength. If your hearing loss is severe, then you will need hearing aids that are more powerful. If your hearing loss is mild to moderate, then you can get by with hearing aids that require less power. Your audiologist will use the results from your hearing tests to recommend the necessary strength needed for your hearing loss.


Some hearing aids can be placed inside the ear canal and are nearly invisible. Others go behind the ear. Further, some types are more visible and take up more room in the ear outside of the canal. When you are selecting your hearing aid, your audiologist will work with you to find the right styles to address your hearing loss. However, no matter which style you choose, most hearing aids are very discreet and work very well.


Although hearing aids are extremely beneficial, they are a big investment. Hearing aid prices range based on styles, features and level of technology. Because most health insurance policies do not offer much coverage towards hearing aids, it’s important for you to consider what features are most important to you and how you can fit those into your budgetary needs.

The good news is that even if you cannot afford the most expensive models, there are many other options that work well available to you.


Hearing aids offer a variety of different features, from Bluetooth capabilities to directional microphones. Depending on your hearing loss and budget, your audiologist will recommend different devices to meet these needs. You’ll simply want to consider what features are most important to you and which ones you are less interested in. 

Audiologist recommendation

Before you choose your hearing aid, you should get a recommendation from your audiologist. Audiologists are experts in the hearing field, and they know better than anyone which model will work well for you.

It is fine to conduct your own research, and to look into hearing aids yourself, but you should definitely set an appointment with your audiologist and get a good recommendation before you buy.

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Tina Evans HIS, COHC

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