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4 Common Hearing Aid Repairs

by | Feb 16, 2023 | Hearing Aids, Patient Resources, Technology

Your hearing aids are amazing pieces of technology, making use of tiny and intricate parts to improve your hearing. However, because they are so small and fragile, hearing aids can become broken or simply suffer wear and tear over time.

To get the most from your hearing aids, it is important that they are working at their optimum level. This means that you need to recognize the signs that your hearing aid may need repair and take it to your audiologist to get it either fixed or replaced.

There are a number of hearing aid repairs, but the following four issues are the most common.

A Simple Clean

It might not sound like the most intensive repair technique, but one of the most common causes for hearing aids to stop working is the buildup of earwax. This can block the microphone and make the volume seem quieter.

Most hearing aids come with replaceable wax filters that should prevent the wax from clogging the hearing aid itself. Replacing the filter is a simple and inexpensive fix that will make a real difference.

As a general rule, you should clean your hearing aid every day using a soft toothbrush. However, don’t be tempted to use water as moisture is not your hearing aids friend and may cause problems with the microphone.

Change The Battery

Again, this might seem obvious but faulty batteries are easily replaced, solving the many of the most common problems.

The first thing to check when your hearing aids appear not to be working is whether the battery is in the right way, is secured in the hearing aid and whether the battery has power.

If the first battery isn’t working, try another and see if that one does.

If you try a couple of batteries with no success, then you do have a problem with the power supply and should take your hearing aid to be replaced.

Fix The Microphone

This isn’t a repair you can do yourself, but you will most likely be able to recognize the problems caused by a faulty microphone. If you experience frequent whistling noises or distortion then it may be that your microphone has become dislodged.

This is a simple fix that your audiologist will probably be able to fix quite quickly.

Fluctuations in volume or not being able to change the volume to a suitable level are also signs that your microphone may be worn out.

To solve this problem, your audiologist may have to send your hearing aid to the manufacturer for a replacement microphone to be inserted.

Change The BTE Tubing

If your hearing aid sits behind the ear, the BTE tubing can get worn over time or even break.

This can cause problems with your hearing aid, but fortunately is a simple fix that your audiologist will be able to do in a matter of minutes in their office.

As before, this problem often causes whistling noises but may also be a sign that your BTE hearing aid is not fitted properly to your ear.

Seek Professional Help

Are your hearing aids broken or malfunctioning? You might be tempted to toss them into the junk drawer with your other damaged electronic gadgets.

Resist the temptation and bring them to our hearing aid repair expert at Audiological Services in Lufkin so you can continue to enjoy the benefits they provide.

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