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Common Reasons to Wear Ear Protection

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Ear protection is not something that people tend to think about every day. They think about protecting themselves from the rain with a coat and their feet with shoes, but not many people think about how to protect their hearing. Ear protection is just as important as the other types of protection that we have just mentioned, but is not as common. You need to think about this in your day-to-day life or you might end up experiencing problems with your hearing. Listed below, there are the most common reasons that you need to wear ear protection.

Hearing loss

Hearing loss is common when exposed to constant loud noises or an excessive, damaging burst of sound. You can lose part or all of your hearing at any given time, and this can be caused by a variety of things. If you wear ear protection, you are decreasing the chance of this happening by preventing loud noise from entering your ears. If you don’t wear ear protection, then there is nothing in place to prevent loud noises and other variables from damaging your eardrum and your hearing permanently.


While you may realize hearing loss can be caused by loud noises, you may not be familiar with tinnitus – or a ringing-in-the-ears sensation. This condition is equally as detrimental as hearing loss is to your quality of life. Have you ever had a fly buzzing next to your ear? Or the ringing of a bell right next to you and all you could hear for a few minutes was ringing? That’s what tinnitus is like, except there is no actual external noise. To avoid this, you need to be wearing ear protection.

Unexpected loud noises

It is common to think that you are safe in your own home and places that aren’t typically associated with being loud. This is not true. In your home you will have appliances that give off high noise levels that you aren’t even aware can damage your hearing. This can include things such as hair dryers and washing machines. If you are out for a walk, it could be something like heavy traffic. You can never be sure that your hearing is not at risk unless you are wearing hearing protection. An audiologist can help you find the right protection for you to ensure that you keep your hearing in top shape as long as possible.

Work conditions

Your work may require you to wear ear protection at all times. If your occupation doesn’t, you should still consider it. You may find that the conditions in your workplace get extremely noisy on a daily basis and if this is true, then you should be considering ear protection. If you wear ear protection, you are going prevent noise that could potentially harm you and keep your ears safe.