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Common FAQs About Hearing Aid Repairs

Hearing Aid Repair

Hearing aids - like any piece of technical equipment - need repairs sometimes. It’s just a fact of life that electronics, no matter how small, break down. However, the repairs that your hearing aids need can come as a surprise and not one that you would have wanted. It’s a worrying thing to deal with if you haven’t had to have your hearing aid repaired before, but don’t panic.

Some of the most common reasons for hearing aid repair are very easy fixes. There is the risk that you could end up without your hearing aids for a few days - or weeks - while hearing aid repairs are being done. However, they are worth the wait. When you are confused about how repairs work, it’s important to ask questions and get the answers that you need from an audiologist who can help you with the hearing aid repairs that yours need. Below, you’ll find some of the most commonly asked questions about hearing aid repairs.

Can I repair my hearing aid at home?

It’s always common to wonder whether you could fix your hearing aids yourself, but it’s really not something that’s worth risking. If you find that there is an issue with your hearing aid, it’s better to get the advice that you need from your audiologist rather than wait around for them to break further. They can give you the best advice on things that you can try, such as changing the battery, giving the device a wipe through and if the issue is persistent, you could book an appointment to speak to them directly.

Should you replace your hearing aid instead?

It’s common to ask whether you should bother with repairs or you should just replace the whole thing, but before you decide that there are a few things that you should consider. The first thing to consider is whether the damage is irreversible. Paying to replace hearing aids can sometimes cost more than paying for repairs, so your budget should be a factor in your decision. The issue could be a minor one that doesn’t need you to replace the whole thing. If the problem is a small one and the repairs don’t cost much, then it’s more sensible to go through the repairs than wait for a whole replacement. Discuss it with your audiologist to decide.

Why do they need repairs?

Your hearing aids sometimes need repairs if you’ve been clumsy or they’ve been introduced to water unknowingly. Your hearing aids need to be repaired to return to their normal function, and the repairs can also extend their lifespan. Poor maintenance can also lead to repairs, but the best thing that you can do is ask for help on how to take care of them so that you can learn better in the future.

How long will repairs take?

Obviously, every issue that requires repair has a different time frame of repair. Sometimes, an audiologist can fix it in their office. Other times - especially where there is a manufacturing fault - your hearing aid needs to go out for repair instead.